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who is nmc?

We are the world leader in decorative mouldings. All styrene and polyurethane products are manufactured in Belgium.

how long will nmc mouldings last?

Indefinitely under normal conditions. Even in humid conditions the NMC mouldings cannot be damaged by water (i.e. bathrooms).

how strong is the product?

Both the Polyurethane and the styrene are very strong and durable. They will not chip or break if dropped. Cuts or bad dents can be filled with the adhesive and lightly sanded (120g sandpaper). The styrene is not as hard as the Polyurethane, and therefore cannot be used for dado rails, low pictures rails and skirting boards.

is the product environmentally friendly?

Yes. NMC products are both Solvent free and CFC free. They can safely be used in infant or children’s room.

how is the product affected by heat?

Direct heat, too close to the mouldings, can damage the surface. (Styrene products are more sensitive to heat than the Polyurethane products). The larger cornices can however be used for concealed lighting, using either low voltage or fluorescent lights, with approximately 6cm clearance.

are the nmc products expensive?

The styrene is cheaper of equivalent to any of its competitors. The polyurethane range is more expensive due to the sophisticated technology that goes into the product, but due to the substantial savings on the indirect costs, such as installation, wastage or breakage, the product works out comparatively cost effective.

is there a lot of wastage?

No, very little. Approximately 5% of the total product required, rounded up to the nearest 2m length.


how do i cut the mouldings to the size i require?

Use a fine toothed panel saw or veneer saw. This will give a clean edge without damaging the product. Ask your hardware specialist for assistance in choosing the saw. Do not cut with a knife or hot wire. (There are simple directions on all the packaging & in the brochures). The NMC mitre box takes all the guesswork out of cutting, especially with the angles required for corners. Ask your dealer about the complete NMC tool kit, which is available to purchase.


what adhesive should i use?

We recommend NMC ‘2-in-1’ adhesive product, specifically designed for use with the NMC mouldings, which is both an adhesive and filler.

what is the adhesion time?

Using the NMC adhesive, the moulding will bond instantly. Panel pins should be used to support joints whilst adhesive dries. If the moulding is not positioned correctly you have approximately 10 minutes to correct or remove it before adhesion sets.

what type of surface can the nmc adhesive be applied to?

The adhesive can be used on most surfaces including tiles, steel, glass, wood and plastered surfaces. The latter should be primed prior to installation.

what is the complete drying time?

The NMC adhesive should completely dry/set within 24 hours. (Drying time is subject to weather conditions or humidity)

what is the bridging and filling capacity?

The NMC Adhesive / Filler has a 6mm bridging capacity. The adhesive can be sanded to achieve a smooth finish.
N.B. When joining profiles, always leave a 2-3mm gap, filled with adhesive. This acts as an expansion joint and prevents cracking on joints.

what quantity of adhesive will i need to buy?

Per 5kg tub:

    • Small profile 60 meter
    • Medium profile 40 meter
    • Large profile 30 meter

The above are guidelines only, and depend on the finish of walls i.e. rough plaster or bricks would require more adhesive as would skew walls and ceilings. The tubs of adhesive are more economical as any excess adhesive can be recycled. The cartridge with cone nozzle is perfect for easy fillings and finishing, especially in corners.

will it stain carpets or fabric?

NMC Adhesive is water based and therefore easy to clean. Simply wipe clean immediately and it won’t leave a stain.


can i leave the nmc mouldings unpainted?

This is not advised, as the mouldings would yellow over time.


Polyurethane: Already have factory primer, so any paint or paint effect can be used on the mouldings.
Styrene: Any water based or acrylic paint can be used directly on the product. A contractor PVA or primer would be required before applying any enamel or solvent based paint.


Yes, with any paint.


Almost any special paint effect can be applied to the mouldings.


The product is suitable for D.I.Y. applications. For professional installation, contact your nearest NMC store for recommended fitters.